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Confidence & Courage Course

It's time to become the confident, strong, and courageous person you were meant to be!

How often to do you feel:




You deserve to live your life to the MAX!

It's time to break through the darkness and leave the feelings of discontent, ordinary, and disappointment. You deserve better! We are here for you and will help you step back to into the light. To shed those horrible feelings and start living a life filled with warmth, positivity, and energy you need to be Confident & Courageous. 

Life seems to have a way of knocking us down and at times we struggle to get back up. The more this happens the more it chips away at our confidence, preventing us from being courageous and making the most out of life. But we don’t need to live that way. We have a choice. We can make a stand and grow our confidence and build our courage so that we can live without regrets.

Our Jonesin' for Confidence & Courage Course will guide you and build your confidence and courage.

I'm ready! Let's Dive In!


Research shows that you need 21 days to build a habit. To grow your confidence and build your courage it takes positive and proactive habits. Over this 21 day course you will go through 8 different units focused on helping you build the habits needed to grow your confidence and build strong courage. 


You will have a weight lifting off your shoulders by discovering your negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and anchors that are holding you back. But you don't just discover them, you will learn how to let them go. Only by letting them go can you propel yourself forward to being who you deserve to be!

Let's do this!

Achievements & Self Discovery

Humans have a funny way of concentrating on the negative. Always thinking of what didn't go well or what we suck at. In this course you will be guided to turn the negatives on their head and look at the great things in your life. 

But you won't just look at the positives. You will uncover your true and real drivers in your life. This offers you insane confidence in yourself and the courage to step outside your comfort zone.


Let's do this!


After the work on your past and present we take a look forward. You will be guided in not only creating but crushing goals! We don't just leave it there though. After taking all the steps to improve your confidence and courage we hold your hand and help you take the big step into becoming the hero you are meant to be! You are meant to be strong, confident, and courageous. You are meant to be a hero!

Let's do this!

What you will leave with

When you conquer the Jonesin' for Confidence and Courage course you will:

-Increase Your Self-Confidence

-Gain Courage

-Let Go of the Anchors Holding You back

-Know What Drives You

-Have Goals You WILL Conquer

-Become the HERO You are Destined to be

I'm Ready!


The Jonesin' for Confidence & Courage course is comprised of 3 units and 8 lessons.

  • Each week (for 3 weeks) you will receive 1 unit with 2-3 lessons. (You can faster or slower, it's up to you. It's all about you getting the most out of the program. So you can decide how much time you need to work through the Confidence & Courage Course ($200 Value)

  • Videos explaining, deep diving, and walking you through each lesson. ($400 Value)

  • Skill Guides you can download, print and use. ($80 Value)

  • One-on-One 30 minute Coaching Call ($150 Value)

  • A Unique Confidence & Courage Medal ($20 Value)

  • Become the HERO you are DESTINED TO BE (Priceless)

This course will give you the tools, training, know how, and guidance to grow your confidence and build your courage in just 21 days!

Valued at $850, you can become the strong, confident, and courageous hero you today for only $297!

You deserve to live your life the max! It's time to stand tall, gain confidence and build your courage!

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Just like any other Jonesin' for course or event there is a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund you everything you paid!