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Virtual Wellness Retreat

Escape the humdrum of day to day life while learning to empower yourself and live your life to the max


Leave the hustle and bustle of every day life behind as you immerse yourself in our virtual wellness retreat. You will learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in their fields about nutrition, mindset, holistic medicine, fitness and more! Just like an "in-person" retreat you will be able to meet people and make connections from all across the world while having plenty of quiet personal time. 

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This Virtual Wellness Retreat will take place Friday, April 9th - Sunday, April 11th. We will have a Kick-Off Celebration Friday night, host events through Saturday and Sunday morning, and wrap it up with a Final Celebration Sunday Afternoon. 

Over this incredible weekend you will have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • 8 Wellness Sessions 

  • 3 Meditations 

  • 3 Workouts 

  • 1 Community & Connecting Session 

  • Care Package Mailed Directly to You 

  • That's over $400 of value! You deserve to live your life to the max. To do that, you need to have a positive and abundant mindset while keeping your body happy and healthy! 

    This retreat is the perfect escape to learn, grow, relax, and continue your journey of living your life to the max!

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    The Details


    We have 8 incredible sessions from some of the greatest in their field! They include:

    -Inflammatory Diets

    with Tammy Murphy

    -Healthy Cooking

    with Ashton Chapman

    -Empowering Ourselves and Our Kids with Amy Kraus

    -Breath Work

    with Spencer Jones

    -Essential Oils

    with Haley Schell

    -Expressing yourself with Art

    with Natalie Broderick

    -Mastering Food and Nutrition

    with Kelly Flagg

    -Increase Positivity & Maximizing This Retreat with Katie & Spencer Jones


    There are 3 different workouts, led by incredible instructors, that you can participate in no matter your fitness level. They are:


    with Ted McDonald


    with Scott Morgan (Scotty Mo)

    -Stretching & Breathing

    with Spencer Jones


    Throughout the weekend you will be able to join in 3 different meditations. They will be led by Spencer Jones. The mediations are:

    -Saturday Morning  - Grounding & Focus

    -Saturday Evening - Destress & Relax

    -Sunday Morning - Gratitude & Positivity

    Care Package

    While this is a virtual retreat, you deserve something a little extra and, well, physical. So everyone who registers will receive a special care package with the retreat schedule, a guide to help you maximize your participation in the retreat, as well as some surprise items!

    Feel Lighter, Calmer, and Empowered

    At the end of our Virtual Wellness Retreat you will feel Lighter, Calmer, and more Empowered. You will have a break from the merry-go-round of everyday life and release some of the stress you carried around. You will learn strategies to help you stay focused, happy, and healthy. You will be empowered and energized by the amazing community and presenters. By Sunday you will leave the retreat feeling absolutely amazing and ready to keep living your life to the max!

    It all kicks off Friday Night with an Opening Ceremony! Then Saturday will be filled with sessions, presenters, workouts, meditations, and time to absorb all that you have learned. On Sunday we wrap it up with a few more sessions, a yoga class, and end with a Closing Ceremony in the afternoon!

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    Refer Your Friends & Earn some Prizes!

    You can earn some amazing prizes just by referring your friends and giving them the opportunity to improve their life! Here's how it works:

    You refer your friends and family. After they register they say that you referred them. We track how many people say your name and then you can win the following!

    -Refer 5 People - Win a Guided Video Meditation and Handout (Valued $100) 

    -Refer 10 People - Win a Guided Video Breath Work session and Handout (Valued at $100)

    -Refer 20 People - Win A Group Training with Spencer for you and everyone you referred (Valued at $250)

    -Refer 50 People - Win a Private Coaching Call with Spencer Jones (Valued at $250)

    As you keep referring your prizes can stack up, letting you potentially earn over $700 of prizes just by inviting your friends and family to join us! Let's make a difference and impact the world together. Invite your family and friends and be sure they mention you on the form located on the thank you page after they get their ticket!

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    Where Do You Want To Be? 

    We love that this retreat is virtual! Why? Because it allows us to bring together people from across the world AND we can offer you different packages so you can join us in whatever way best fits you and your goals. Check out the packages below and choose the one that matches where you want to be!

      Green Retreat Package

    • Care Package

    • Community/Connecting Session

    • Live Access to Watch All Sessions, Workouts, And Meditations via Facebook or Website

    This package is valued at $400! Join us today and get it for only:


    Get the Green Retreat Ticket

      Blue Retreat Package

    • Care Package

    • Community/Connecting Session

    • JOIN the Live Sessions, Workouts, and Mediations Via Zoom

    • Exclusive Q&A with Presenters

    Valued at $800! Join today and get it for only:


    Get the Blue Retreat Ticket

      Red Retreat Package

    • Care Package

    • Community/Connecting Session

    • JOIN the Live Sessions, Workouts, and Meditations Via Zoom

    • Exclusive Q&A with Presenters

    • Recordings of ALL Sessions, Workouts, and Meditations

    • Access to Exclusive video trainings from the Presenters

    • Chase Your Passions Book & Priorities of Practice Journal

    • Retreat Graduation Call with Spencer Jones

    This incredible package is valued at $1,500! If you join us today, you can get it for only:


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    All Times are Central Time Zone (+1 EST/-2 PST)

    Friday, April 9th

     7:00pm - 8:00pm - Welcome Ceremony

    Saturday, April 10th

      8:30am Grounding & Focus Meditation  

    9:00am Breakfast Chat/Connecting/Social 

    9:45am Breath Work with Spencer Jones

    10:45 Workout with Scott Morgan

     12:00 Inflammatory Diets with Tammy Murphy

    12:45 Lunch & Challenge  

    2:00 Healthy Cooking with Ashton Chapman

    3:00 Stretching & Balance with Spencer

    4:00 Essential Oils with Haley Schell

    4:45pm Dinner & Challenge

    5pm EXCLUSIVE Q&A Session  

    7:00pm-8:00pm Reflection, and Destress & Relax Meditation

    Sunday, April 11th

      7:30am  Gratitude & Positivity Meditation

    8:15am Empowering Yourself and Your kids with Amy Kraus

    9:15am Expressing Yourself with Art with Natalie Broderick

    10:15 Yoga with Ted McDonald

    11:30 Mastering Food with Kelly Flagg

    12:30pm - 1:30pm - Closing Ceremony

    About Us

    Katie & Spencer Jones love to help other people live their lives to the max! That's why they started Jonesin' for, a business that helps people do what they are "Jonesin' for" for as long as possible through a holistic approach. Katie is a 4th grade teacher, author, and animal lover. Spencer is a speaker, coach, and meditation teacher. Outside of helping people they love to travel, hike, and have new experiences!

    They are excited to bring this unique and one-of-a-kind virtual retreat to you so you can feel amazing and live your life to the max!